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Useful Arduino Sites

40 Top Arduino Projects

Breathalyzer Microphone

Turn Signal Jacket

Web Controlled RC Car

Interactive Gaming

Robotic Labyrinth Game

Twitter Reading Robot


High Speed Photography

Wii & iPhone Controlled RC Car

RGB Combination Door Lock Part 1

RGB Combination Door Lock Part 2

RGB Combination Door Lock Part 3

Portable Magic Mirror

Knock Detecting Door Lock

Keyless Car Entry

View Webcam On iPhone

Popcorn Making Robot

Magnetic Levitation

Motion Activated Water Cannon

Remote Controlled Deadbolt


Arduino Powered Room

Keypad Security System

iPhone Controlled RC Car

Website Visitor Blinker

LED Gmail Notifier

Arduino Turorial 101

DIY Lightsaber

Wireless Work Station

DIY Arcade Controller


Arduino Research

I’m going to start by researching as many interesting Arduino projects as I can to get some inspiration.