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Pandamonium was a visually stunning collection of unique works by some of the UK’s leading artists – including Sir Peter Blake, Tracey Emin, Jim Lambie, Rachel Whiteread and Paul Smith – all based on WWF’s old panda collection boxes.

Each Pandamonium artist ‘reinvented’ the WWF panda, offering new ways to spread our urgent message that the world’s rapidly changing climate is affecting people, wildlife and the natural world.

The finished pieces were exhibited at Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street, from 4 September to 28 October, and auctioned to raise funds for WWF.

WWF Pandamonium Article

Pandamonium Youtube Video


Tel Aviv Light Tunnel

There’s hardly any information on this piece online but I do know that it’s a street intervention project in which the artists altered public lighting in Tel Aviv’s open underground tunnels.

The artists said their street art muse was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as they altered the tunnel from this….

to this….

Tuned Stairs

As visitors walk down stairs leading to an exhibition, their footsteps activate a musical sound. The installation refocuses the attention of the visitor onto their footfalls – allowing them the opportunity to compose their timing, movement, and the resulting melody.

On each of the stairs is a matt-switch which activates the instrument-playing mechanism attached on the outside of the banister. The armature is made of steel with a pull-thust solenoid attached to it. Above the solenoid is a tuned resonating bar facing down. As the matt-switch is activated, the solenoid momentarily strikes the resonating bar – resulting in a soft delicate sound resonating through the local area. The matt-switch’s signal gets fed into an arduino board which then activates the solenoid mechanism through a transistor circuit. Each arduino has its own conduit board built to easily connect the switches to their corresponding solenoid mechanisms.

Project Description

Tuned Stairs Movie