Grazing Jellies

“Grazing Jellies creates a view into a forest where cosmic slugs munch on space men’s helmets and melon slices. These hungry hallucinations are inquisitive as well as starving, if there’s movement in the trees or some chatter on the ground they’ll pay it a visit.”

Grazing Jellies is an augmented reality project by Hudson Powell, commissioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival. A screen located in a forest provides a real time portal into a virtual world of hidden jelly/slug like creatures. They react to movement, from the trees or from people, going off to sniff out whats happening. When passers by make a noise in front of the screen, the creatures come up close to investigate.

I like most Augmented Reality projects and I thought this one was particularly cool because its quite different to the other kind of ‘typical’ projects you see.

Wired Magazine Article

Video On Their Development Blog


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