YikeBike is a statement about using smart technology to solve the problems of our increasingly congested, polluted, stressful cities. It is the first commercial expression of the mini-farthing concept, created up by a bunch of successful entrepreneurs, engineers and dreamers. This team sat down to try and answer:

– What is the simplest way to get from A to B with the aid of a machine?
– What is the smallest wheel you can have to get a stable, safe, comfortable ride?
– Can you make something small enough to be able to go with you anywhere in a city?
– Is it possible to make a unicycle dramatically easier to ride and fold?

The goal was to create something that could dramatically change urban transport, enabling city dwellers a fast, safe and easy way to navigate their environment. The result was the mini-farthing concept and its first expression, the YikeBike. It employs state-of-the-art technology, engineering and industrial design to create a new class of personal transport.

YikeBike Video

YikeBike Spec Sheet

YikeBike Gallery


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