Fernando Orellana – Drawing Machine

Just putting up this post to remind myself of this artists name and his website. Fernando Orellana uses new and traditional
media as a way of transmitting concepts that range from generative art to social-political commentary.

He has a really varied body of work but Drawing Machine in particular is of relevance to my project and explores the notion of generative art or art that makes art on its own.

The piece consists of a three tiered mobile sculpture that is driven by the vibration of a motor. This vibration is controlled in two ways. First by the machines programming, essentially a set of instructions on how to draw. Secondly by monitoring one or two microphones, giving it the ability to “listen” to its environment. When it hears something loud enough it uses that information directly to create marks. In this way the machine collaborates with its environment; sometimes using its program and sometimes using what it hears to make drawings.

Official Site

Drawing Machine


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