Telectroscope By Paul St. George

Some years ago an artist by the name of Paul St George happened upon a packet of dusty papers in a trunk in his grandmothers attic. On further inspection he discovered that they had been the property of his great-grandfather, an eccentric Victorian engineer.

The plans proposed a tunnel drilled underneath the Atlantic Ocean that would allow you to see all the way to New York from London without having to go anywhere.

Of course Paul’s device doesn’t quite work like that & obviously uses a video camera, broadband link & screen, but that doesn’t matter. Its about the magic & wonder for the public. Its about making a connection with a stranger on the other side of the world & the unexpected behavior of the people using it.

In each Telectroscope is a Sony EX1 camera, the visual from which was encoded using Breeze Technologies Ice Blue capture cards and converted in to a MPEG 2 stream to be delivered across the Tiscali Virtual Private Network to the opposite projector.

In London it costs £1 to look down the ‘tunnel’, although free in New York, the payment action is a continuation of the experience.

Paul St. George Official Site

The Telectroscope Official Site

The Telectroscope Flickr Page


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