Processing, Arduino, Twitter, RFID Project

So far the last week me and Niamh had been working on building a little tool that can check for a variable number of Twitter entries, for a certain topic, depending on what RFID tag you scan on front of the scanner.

We experimented with displaying the entries on screen in a number of different ways, how many entries to return, font size, font colour, alpha & positioning and things like that.

After a lot of tweaking and missing around the tool now displays the latest 100 twitter entries on Chuck Norris, Patrick Stewart, Steven Seagal, Nick Nolte or The Epic Beard Man depending on which one of five RFID tags we scan.

Its kinda just an out-there experiment at the moment but I can see how it could have practical uses, such as scanning a products bar-code to see what people are saying about it online and things like that.


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